Lets Be Honest About Chester Bennington

This hit me hard. The second I saw the story breaking, a feeling sunk in my stomach. Holy shit. Chester? The guy I grew...

We need to talk about Lil Peep

You're probably asking, "Who the fuck is Lil Peep?" It's a valid question—a lot of people still aren't aware of the rising star's existence, but if...

What it takes to be a DIY touring musician in 2017

This article was written by Luke Dean—the head creative force behind Michigan's Vagabonds. Dean is the project's sole member and he operates under an...

That Time The Internet Almost Killed The Warped Tour

The Vans Warped Tour isn't just a cornerstone of a music scene that has consumed the lives of millions of music fans for as...

The Silent Killer That’s Destroying The Metal Scene (Opinion)

It's time to change the way we look at the music industry.

STARSET: The Future Of Rock, And A Frontman Who Probably Knows Government Secrets

The best up and coming rock band you MUST hear about.

12 Years After Dimebag Darrell Was Killed On Stage, Little Has Been Done To...

More work remains to protect musicians 12 years after Dimebag Darrell's murder.

Andy Biersack’s Dad Faces Backlash After Online Exchange With Teen BLACK VEIL BRIDES Fan

Teen girl reportedly left "bawling her eyes out" after the exchange.

M. Shadows Is Having A Hard Time Dealing With Avenged Sevenfold’s Decline – Opinion

Why is he blaming the media for poor first week album sales?

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