CJ McMahon On Return To THY ART IS MURDER: “I Was A Drug Addict”

CJ McMahon returns to Thy Art Is Murder.

Strengthen What Remains Releases ‘Liberation Of The Spirit’

The metallica hardcore band drops a new single.

Disturbing Photos Of YouTuber Jared Dines Leaked, Fans Outraged

Controversial photos leaked of YouTuber Jared Dines.

THY ART IS MURDER Stuns Fans: Ex Vocalist CJ McMahon Returns

Did CJ McMahon just re-join the band?!?

Jared Dines Shares His Reaction To SUICIDE SILENCE’s ‘Doris’ With Singing

What do you think of the band's new song?

ERRA Announces US Headlining Tour

Everyone's favorite bald headed, bearded vocalist is hitting the road.

TRAITORS Announce They Have Broken Up

The band stated online they are calling it a day.

KILLSWITCH ENGAGE Vocalist Jesse Leach Needs A Break: “I Decided Last Night I’m Leaving...

Leach speaks out and expresses a need to disconnect.

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