Attila releasing “Callout Pt. 2″—hear teaser

Fronz is back at it again: The vocalist has revealed that Attila is releasing a follow-up to their iconic “Callout” track via a Twitter video in which he claimed, “I just want you bitch-ass motherfuckers to know that “Callout 2″ is getting recorded right-fucking-now, bitch. No one’s safe.” You can check out the video, along with a brief teaser of the track, below.

The original “Callout” was featured on the band’s About That Life album. It had Fronz throwing shade at everyone in the scene from Ronnie Radke and Jonny Craig to Chris Drew and For Today. According to the teaser of the new version of the track, it seems Fronz is going in a broader direction, dropping names such as Kardashian and Tom Brady.