CrazyEightyEight Raises Nearly $30,000 For Their DEBUT Album (So Far)

CrazyEightyEight, the outfit featuring satirist & comedian Jarrod Alonge, vocalist Lauren Babic, and current As It Is frontman Patty Walters handling bass duties.

The group just debuted their first single from the upcoming album titled “Shinebox” and it is a banger.

In addition to the release of the aforementioned video, CrazyEightyEight launched a Kickstarter campaign that should be analyzed by new bands in the current climate of the music industry. To date, they have raised a whopping $29,000 for their debut record. Wow.

This makes their campaign one of the most successful launches of a new act in recent years. The future is bright for CrazyEightyEight. If you like what you hear, you can contribute to their campaign here. The album is slated to be released in May of 2018.