Ex-Issues Vocalist Speaks Out On “Being Erased” After Getting Removed From Band

Former Issues co-vocalist Michael Bohn is rightfully still pissed about recently getting kicked out of Issues. He issued a tweet in which he admitted, “It’s hard to sit back and watch you being erased from something you gave 5 years to!”

Bohn and former Woe, Is Me bandmate Tyler Carter formed Issues in 2012. Bohn now has plans for a new project with Kevin Hanson, who is also a former member of Woe, Is Me. He added in his most recent tweet, “However, the fire and drive I have for this new project is insane! Putting 110% into this!”

It was officially revealed that Bohn had been kicked out of the band in December. While the band called the split “amicable,” Bohn clearly stated that he “did not leave Issues.” “It was brought to my attention that the band wanted to go in a different direction and that they would be moving on without me,” he wrote.

With Issues wanting to preserve what’s left of their career, it seems unlikely they would strike up a beef with Bohn. But with Bohn’s new project, it will be interesting to see if he attempts to resurrect a Woe, Is Me-type beef that helped launch Issues in the first place. Also: Will Rise Records be involved? Both Woe, Is Me and Issues have existed on Rise for their entire careers. However, with the recent departure of label found Craig Ericson and Rise signing a slew of legacy acts, it might be a stretch for Bohn to add a third of his bands to the Rise roster.