I Prevail Points Out Fake Merch Issue On Facebook That’s Hurting Your Favorite Bands

I Prevail shared a message online today pointing out an issue that seems to be increasing on Facebook. Anonymous Facebook users are allegedly exploiting the social media advertising platform to market to band’s fanbases with merch that is totally unauthorized.

Here is what the band had to say:


“Over the past month, our band and many other bands have been taken advantage of by multiple pages selling fake merchandise and promoting it on Facebook. This most recent knock-off has over 6k likes and 1k shares. PLEASE do not fall for these tricks. Unless it’s coming from the official I Prevail page, it’s a fake piece of merchandise that we don’t receive a penny for.

“If you want to support us and buy our REAL merchandise please shop here –¬†iprevail.merchnow.com”

Obviously, this is a big issue for all bands with artists needing to make money through other means while music sales continue to decline. Please be diligent when choosing where to purchase band merchandise.