Issues Vocalist Michael Bohn Rumored To Have Left The Band

An interesting development seems to be unfolding in the Issues camp. As the band begins working on their third full-length album, the band’s co-vocalist Michael Bohn has removed any references to the band from his social media biographies and is visibly absent from any writing sessions where all of the other members have been photographed.

What’s more, Michael Bohn is not being followed on Twitter by the band’s other vocalist, Tyler Carter despite following all other members of the band. Bohn is also not following any members of Issues on his own Twitter account and has added the line “not a public figure” to his profile, seemingly alluding to a departure from the band.

So far, the band has not formally announced any lineup changes.

If Bohn does, in fact, drop from the band, it will be interesting to see how Issues sounds on their third album with just Tyler Carter’s vocals as he contributed all of the singing elements whereas Bohn was mainly the “screaming” vocalist.

Update: Michael has responded to several fans (though he has deleted several responses) specifically asking if he specifically left the band, though he has not clarified whether he is still a member of Issues.

[Via Note To Scene and Reddit]