Post Malone Is The Hero The Metal Scene Needs

Post Malone seems to do whatever he wants. He strikes me as someone who truly doesn’t give a shit about what people think. He seems very happy. People tell me he is very nice. I don’t know him, but I like him and I like his music.

It is hard to argue that any other artist is as on fire as Post Malone is at the moment. His latest single “Rockstar” has ruled the charts for weeks and seems like a nod to his past as an aspiring metalcore musician. Our music community fucking loves him for his history that he seems to wear as a badge of honor rather than something he might want to ignore.

Austin Post, his real name, has been spotted hanging out with various players in our music community. YouTuber / Rest, Repose drummer Jared Dines was spotted chugging a beer with Post Malone at the very beginning of a mini-documentary Noisey did on his success.

Rumor has it that Post Malone once auditioned for Crown The Empire, though he ultimately wasn’t selected.

Post Malone follows numerous bands from our scene on his official Twitter account. He was recently spotted hanging out with Knocked Loose’s Bryan Garris singing Stray From The Path songs before his set in Tennessee.

One thing is for sure. A lot of musicians enjoy Post Malone’s company, and one could argue, indirectly benefit from it.

For me, it raises the inevitable question about several potential opportunities that could arise from Post Malone’s numerous ties to the hard rock and heavy metal music community.

Would Post Malone revisit his heavy metal roots and drop some screaming guest vocals on a band’s song?

If he did, it would immediately become the biggest musical moment in our scene for that given year. It would bring fresh eyes to our music community and undoubtedly aide in the dire financial situation that currently exists.

Could Post Malone take some of his favorite bands out on tour with him?

Seeming to be the guy who doesn’t care about genre defined boundaries, I could see him bringing some of his favorite bands out on tour with him — which would also have an immense cultural impact on our scene and bring fresh eyes on the artists we know and love.

The bottom line (*Stone Cold voice*) is that I’m┬áreally excited about the potential that Post Malone’s breakout success brings to our music scene. He can do whatever the fuck he wants, but he seems like a loyal dude, and he has shown thus far that he is down to represent our scene… and for that, I’m thankful.

He’s the ally that we need and he just might be our savior.