Austin Carlile Says Woman Who Accused Him Of Teenage Sexual Misconduct Was “Catfished”

Former Of Mice & Men frontman Austin Carlile was the subject of a sexual misconduct allegation (that was later debunked) from a woman who released a statement accusing the singer of communicating with her on Snapchat and soliciting nude photographs. The woman later acknowledged that she was possibly “catfished” or spoofed by someone claiming to be Carlile himself. The post has since been removed from her Facebook.

Despite the woman’s removal of the post and acknowledgment that she could have possibly been “catfished”, numerous people online continued to circulate the statement from the woman before she edited it and acknowledged that she may have been fooled.

Now, Carlile himself has weighed in on the situation, saying that some users are leaving out the “fact she changed it and said she was catfished”.

The influx of accusations about musicians come after shocking allegations surfaced about Jesse Lacey of Brand New, who later released a statement apologizing for those he had hurt and canceled the band’s upcoming tour.