Trivium Frontman Stops Show To Break Up A Fight

Trivium frontman Matt Heafy wins the good guy award of the week after he stopped the band’s set to break up a fight. During their set in Kansas City, apparently, two men began trading blows in the mosh pit.

In the intense clip, you can see Heafy pleading for cooler heads to prevail, reminding the men that metalheads are all friends. Good going!

He says: “Separate those guys. Hey, hey, hey! Nobody fucking hit anybody tonight, you gotta split that shit up, it’s not worth it. We good? You okay? Spread out, spread out. Boys, we gotta separate you two to two opposite corners of this room. You guys okay? None of that tonight. We’re all friends tonight, it’s about what unites us not what fucking divides us.”

[Via Metal Injection]