Brand New’s Jesse Lacey Accused Of Sexual Misconduct With Woman When She Was A Minor

Brand New singer/songwriter Jesse Lacey has been accused of sexual misconduct with a woman at a time when she was a minor, according to a report from AltPress and a report from Uproxx.

In a post on Facebook, Brian Diaz (a guitar tech who has worked with Guns N’ Roses and Fall Out Boy) asked if anyone wanted to “speak up about Jesse Lacey from Brand New”.

The post garnered numerous comments, including one from Nicole Garey, a woman who spoke to AltPress on record as part of their report on the allegations. Garey alleged that Lacey solicited nude photographs of her when she was fifteen years old and he was twenty-four after the two met at one of his shows.

“When I was younger, I was really flattered,” she told AltPress during an interview about the allegations. “I was like, ‘Oh, it’s an older guy in a band that I like.’ I wasn’t used to the attention.”

Garey claims she was fifteen years old when Lacey began asking for photos, adding that they stayed in touch for “about seven or eight years.”

We have reached out to Jesse Lacey’s representatives for comment and have yet to hear back. We will update this report with any comments from Lacey or his representatives.