Every Time I Die Guitarist Sued For Allegedly Fracturing A Woman’s Neck During Their Performance

Every Time I Die puts on quite the involved performance, with each member approaching their stage-show with a certain intensity that you don’t ordinarily see. Now, after the band’s guitarist allegedly jumped off the stage during their set, the musician is finding himself on the other end of the lawsuit from the concert-goer.

WXYZ in Detroit says that a woman has sued ETID guitarist Jordan Buckley for suffering multiple injuries following the band’s recent show at the Crofoot Ballroom in Michigan. According to the band’s tour itinerary, the band was recently in Michigan at “The Crofoot” back on August 13th of this year.

The report states that the woman claims to have suffered “catastrophic injuries” during the show after Buckley reportedly lept from the stage and landed on her head and must go through an ongoing regimen of physical therapy.

WXYZ reports: “Upon visiting her primary physician the next day, Ross was told that she suffered a concussion and neck fracture.”

Thus far, the band hasn’t commented on the legal matter, and it is unlikely that they will at all, at least until it has been resolved.