Sleeping With Sirens Major Label Debut Sees 65% Sales Drop From Last Album

Sleeping With Sirens first album since their departure from Epitaph records has been a commercial disappointment for the group. The band saw a notable 65% decrease in sales for “Gossip” over their 2015 album “Madness”, which sold 34,941 copies during the first week. “Gossip” only sold about 12,000 units, according to Note To Scene.

“Gossip” was the first album that Sleeping With Sirens has released with Warner Bros. Records. The album moved the band in more of a radio-friendly direction, though it is apparent that the band’s fans did not welcome the change as much as they have with previous releases.

It’s worth noting that their first single “Legends” was named as the 2018 Olympic Winter Games theme song.

“I think we’re a completely different band as opposed to the last time you saw us,” guitarist Jack Fowler said in an interview back in May. It seems that change isn’t always a good thing.