Marilyn Manson Breaks His Ankle On Stage And Keeps Performing

Marilyn Manson took a nasty fall during his show last night in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The shock-rocker was performing at Stage AE when he crouched down to perform close to the crowd as he sang the words to his classic hit “The Beautiful People”.

In the midst of that performance, Manson fell off the stage, at which point you hear his microphone bounce off of the ground.

A few seconds later, Manson could be seen crawling back onto the stage where he surprisingly was able to continue performing. The band stopped for a short amount of time while Manson told the crowd that he broke his ankle, before bizarrely referring to his tour manager as a “fascist”.

You can watch the whole incident unfold below:

Note: An earlier version of this report wrongly listed the location of this performance as Philadelphia, rather than Pittsburgh. We apologize for the error.