Ronnie Radke Gets Booed During Falling In Reverse ‘Self Help’ Performance

Falling In Reverse had a complicated relationship with the crowd during Sunday’s Self Help festival performance in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Vocalist Ronnie Radke apparently wanted the audience to get down on the ground during FIR’s performance of “Bad Girls Club”.

When some in the crowd didn’t appear to be complying with Radke’s request, he lashed out at the audience.

Ronnie went on an expletive laden rant in front of the Philadelphia crowd: “Man, f–k these motherf–k, what the f–k? Sit the f–k down right now. Let’s go. You can’t do that? You too cool for that man? Man, I’ll sit here all f–kin night man I don’t give a f–k. I’ll sit right down right here. Sit down. Let’s go. Let’s go… sh-t.”

The Falling In Reverse frontman then began chanting “sit down” to the crowd before being met with “f–k you” chants in return.

At one point, someone appeared to throw a drink on stage, apparently striking Radke.

Fans began tweeting about what they witnessed at Self Help Fest in Philadelphia. You can see video of the incident below.

Radke took to his Instagram to address the situation, apologizing to fans for asking them to get on the ground and reminding them not to take him too seriously.

He said: “Sorry for trying to make you sit down. I didn’t realize it was sand and dirt. And don’t take me too serious. It’s all in good fun baby! Some of y’all are way too f–king serious.”