ARCHITECTS Drop New Song, “Doomsday”

Just recently metalcore giants, Architects, dropped a new song with a music video titled “Doomsday.” This is the band’s first release since the passing of lead guitarist and co-founding member, Tom Searle.

Discussing the track, the band’s drummer and Tom Searle’s brother, Dan Searle, said: “Doomsday was a song that Tom had started but never got to finish. Completing it for him was a massive responsibility. I hope you all enjoy.”

He continued with: “Doomsday is not from an album we’ve recorded. It’s just 1 song. It’s just the start. Our way of showing everyone that there’s still a future.”

I think this song is a great tribute to Tom because you can definitely feel the pain the band is still going through after going through such a traumatic experience. The lyrics paint such a beautifully somber picture that anyone moved by Searle’s passing will definitely tear up when listening to this.

You can check out the song below: