KILLSWITCH ENGAGE Fans Rejoice: Howard Jones And Adam D Are Reunited

Fans of Howard era Killswitch Engage will be happy to see that the band and their former vocalist are definitely on good terms. KSE guitarist Adam D and his former vocalist Howard Jones spent some time together recently as reflected in a photo posted on Jones’ new band’s page “Light The Torch”.

The band said Jones was “having lunch with an old friend” and attached the accompanying funny photo of him attempting to choke out Adam D.

What does this mean? Honestly, it probably just means that two old friends with a lot of history went out to lunch together but it certainly opens the door to some unique opportunities for Howard era KSE fans.

Maybe we could get a fun “Howard vs. Jesse” tour where each respective member performs their songs with the band. Jesse Leach isn’t going anywhere and has certainly forged his own history with the band since he returned, but given that everyone seems to be on great terms, it would be cool to see a one-off throwback to the rich history they had with Howard Jones.

…but who the hell knows? Glad to see these two are reunited.