As I Lay Dying Purportedly Planning Comeback With Tim Lambesis, New Backing Band

As I Lay Dying has been inactive since the 2013 arrest and subsequent conviction of vocalist Tim Lambesis. In 2014, he was sentenced to six years in prison. In February, during an interview with George Lynch, it was revealed that Lambesis was quietly released from prison in December of last year.

Lambesis made waves in June of this year when he posted the word “activity” on his social media accounts. The word “activity” also appeared on As I Lay Dying’s social media accounts, apparently alluding to a revival of the band that was once believed to be defunct.

We’ve learned from a source familiar with the situation that Tim Lambesis is plotting a comeback with a return to As I Lay Dying, which would explain the cryptic “activity” post back in June.

Lambesis has not appeared publicly since his release from prison late last year.

We’re told that the previous members of the band will not be involved in the proposed As I Lay Dying revival, and instead, new members will be in place at the time of a return. The identities of those members are not known, but we’re told that the band has new material in the works.

It’s worth noting that Lambesis has previously stated that As I Lay Dying is “sleeping rather than dead” in a blog entry posted back in 2014.

Blabbermouth also noted in a recent report that rumors suggested the band was “working on new material”.

Representatives for the band did not immediately respond to request for comment.