Top 10 Nu Metal Songs To Listen To While Telling Your Mom You Don’t Want To Clean Your Room

The nu-metal era was a magical time for me and I don’t care how anyone else feels about it. A lot of good music came out during that time, if you were like me, and found JNCO jeans (and still do) appealing.

This was the peak of commercial success for rock music and look how far we have come. Now the radio is dominated by mumble rap and shallow pop with the occasional good song. Maybe I’m just super salty.

Anyhow, I polled some of my friends about their favorite forgotten nu-metal classics for this list and we dug up some really good stuff for your own personal wallet chain wearing enjoyment. Please note, that this is not the definitive list of the BEST nu metal songs, it’s a list of nu metal classics that have slipped through the cracks over the years and gone forgotten.

10. Ill Nino – How Can I Live

Ill Nino’s bouncy riffs, infectious choruses, and unique drumming patterns and instrumentals were the soundtrack to most of our surge drinking childhoods.

9. Cypress Hill – Rock Superstar

Imagine a time when rock music was so successful that legendary hip hop artists were trying their hand at it. Instead of wearing band shirts that they don’t know anything about, Cypress Hill dropped this banger during the height of nu metal fandom.

8. Crossfade – Colors

In my view, Crossfade was one of the most underrated nu metal bands of their time. We all know “Cold”, but “Colors” was a hit for the band that many of us have forgotten.

7. Saliva – Your Disease

Imagine you’re going to Hardees (or Carl’s Jr) to get a nice buttermilk biscuit. The riff in this Saliva song just sounds like you’re on the way to eat a nice made from scratch biscuit and maybe yell at your soon to be ex-wife on the phone for not packing your lunch properly before heading out to your job. This is such a southern anthem for every dirty tennis shoe wearing, jean shorts loving, high socks wearing, recently divorced angry dad.

6. Coal Chamber – Loco

LOL. What more needs to be said?

5. Cold – Stupid Girl

This one dropped in 2003, sort of towards the end of nu metal dominance, but still worth noting. You can hear the heavy Staind influence in this song.

4. Adema – Giving In

I wanna say I first heard this on a Madden video game soundtrack. Right? This was once on a Madden soundtrack, wasn’t it? They used to have really good soundtracks that were loaded with good rock tunes. Anyhow, Adema had tons of potential to run the table in the rock game. This banger deserves the number four slot.

3. Hoobastank – Running Away

For the longest time, I thought Hoobastank was Incubus. I’m not saying that to be snarky, I was just an idiot. These Hoobastank tracks still hold up and I love this band to this day. They have a whole plethora of tracks that were massively successful, I just included this one because I don’t think enough people remember it.

2. Crazy Town – Drowning

Fun fact. Crazy Town’s debut album “The Gift of Game” sold over one million copies. LOL! This was taken from their second album and I love the chorus. Great nu-metal tune that is probably one of their best songs.

1. Smile Empty Soul – Bottom of a Bottle

Dude. If you don’t like this song you never drank SURGE or wore JNCO jeans. I hate you if you don’t love this song. Smile Empty Soul is one of the most underrated rock bands… ever! Listen to this absolute banger. What’s not to love?

They’re still going strong too! They’ve dropped numerous good albums over the year that have massive choruses and good nu metal tracks.

I feel like these guys just didn’t have the greatest team behind them and that has held them back. I would love to see what they could do with a really good push behind them.