STAIND Will Likely Never Be A Regularly Touring Band Again, Aaron Lewis Says

Staind frontman Aaron Lewis has made lightning strike twice in the music industry. In addition to having a hugely successful career with Staind, he successfully launched his own solo country career that continues to grow.

Lewis and Staind have been essentially inactive since 2011, and while many fans are still holding on to hope, the prospects don’t sound very good.

Speaking to Planet Weekly, Lewis says that Staind will never perform as a regular touring band again.

“I definitely see it staying on hold for a while. I’ve got to stay focused on this [country career]. I’ve got to take this to where it needs to get to before I can start risking things with the good ol’ boy network reception and throwing in a handful of STAIND shows in the summertime along with all of my country shows. But that’s down the road. I can’t even think about that right now.”

Staind guitarist Mike Mushok commented on the status of a band in an interview last year, stating he “can’t make” Aaron Lewis perform in the band: “People come to me [and say], ‘Don’t you get mad? Aren’t you angry…?’ And I’m, like, ‘Well, I can’t be. He has to be happy with what he wants to do,'” Mike said. “And if [he’s] not happy… No matter what I do, when I go to Aaron, I can’t [say to him], ‘Dude, we have all these offers. We’ve gotta play these shows.’ I can’t make him. And if I did make him, he’d resent me. And it wouldn’t be fun, and it wouldn’t be what they’re supposed to be. So when the day comes that he decides, ‘Hey, man, let’s do this again,’ either I’ll be ready or I won’t. It’s either, ‘No, man, I’m doing this [SAINT ASONIA] now, because you had your thing,’ or we’ll be on a break, or whatever it is, and I’ll say, ‘Okay, we can do it.’ So I’m really just kind of playing it as it goes.”

[Via Blabbermouth]