AVENGED SEVENFOLD’s Synyster Gates On “City Of Evil”: “The Choruses Kind Of Blow”

Avenged Sevenfold string bender Synyster Gates has an interesting take on his band’s classic album “City of Evil”. He isn’t exactly the biggest fan of the choruses on the record, which many fans feel is their best work.

“I think the adventure on that record we did a really good job, but where we failed was a lot of the choruses. I think if you go to ‘Strength Of The World,’ a song like that, the chorus isn’t that great, but you go into the bridge and other things and the catchier parts and the better melodies we were really focused on.

“I’m obsessed with great endings and crazy intros and stuff like that. I think we all are from what we’ve listened to and stuff, so I’ve always focused on great bridge melodies that just kind of naturally fit, or like a crazy ending at the end of ‘Seize The Day,’ something like that. But the choruses kind of blow.”

Gates’ take on the album wasn’t a dig at his bandmate M. Shadows, but rather, his perspective on the band’s musical direction at that time. While I respect his viewpoint, I have to disagree here! I would personally (selfishly) love to see A7X revisit some of the sounds they put out from this era… but that’s just me.

[Via Loudwire]