KING 810 Guitarist Arrested, Facing Gun Charge

King 810 guitarist Andrew Beal was arrested on Sunday, July 30, 2017, by the Grand Blanc Police Department. He is facing charges of carrying a concealed weapon. Beal was arraigned in court today and is out on $5,000 bond according to a report from Lambgoat.

The band has released a statement on the matter, and promised to make their upcoming performances even if they have to do it as “wanted men”.

“As Bloodstock is quickly approaching we wanted to update you on a situation we’re dealing with at home. Beal was brought in on a weapon’s charge on Sunday night. While the details of this bond are litigated we wanted to reassure all that we will be on stage at Bloodstock either as free men or as wanted men. Will keep you posted.”
King 810 really loves their guns. The band has refused to perform at venues that don’t let them bring weapons inside. They certainly have a fair point when it comes to venue security, something that is seriously lacking in many parts of the country.