We recently had the chance to speak with Brent Rambler, one of the guitarists for August Burns Red, who gave us some insight on the band’s upcoming album “Phantom Anthem”.

With being in a band for over decade has your writing process changed at all, especially with this new material?

I don’t really think the process has changed too much from the “Found in Far Away Places” [the band’s previous album]. The only thing that stands out as different on this record is that we had 3 songs that weren’t 100% done when we came into the studio. Usually we roll into the studio with everything completed and we just track the record. This time there were these handful of songs that need some extra parts or tweaking.”

What are some of the themes this new material will delve into?

On this record we seem to talk about self-discovery a lot, and how you need to overcome fear and face adversity to grow into the person you want to be.  It wasn’t intentional, but when I read back over the lyrics that’s something that seems to come out a lot.  We also really wanted to bring up that if you want to see a change in the world around you then you need be the first one to step up.”

What were the challenges faced when writing this album?

“The biggest challenge is always to try and write new material that still feels fresh to us and the listener.  This is our 7th full length record and while we want to still sound like August Burns Red, we also want each record to stand out.  I think we do that by taking our time when writing and not rushing things.  The songs and words are written out over such a long period of time that we have that chance to look over everything and make sure we love it.  Another challenge was that we went into the studio just 10 days after finishing the Messengers 10 Year Anniversary tour.  It’s very hard to prepare to record an album on the road so we took our time tracking to make sure that all of the takes were up to snuff.”

For being around since 2003, do you feel you’ve accomplished everything musically you’ve wanted to do, or are you still continuing to push yourselves to new heights, and does this new album show that?

“I don’t think we’ve accomplished everything musically.  One of these days we’d actually like to win one of the awards we’ve been nominated for. HA! Being in the band is still fun for us and as our own personal musical tastes evolve so will our music.  I think this new record shows a maturation in the area of transitions.  We still have some cool interlude moments but they feel less surprising and flow a little better within the songs.” 

How will this new album stand out and be remembered when looking at your discography?

“I think that this record is aggressive both instrumentally and lyrically.  A lot of people probably expected us to get a little softer as we grow older but this record comes out hard from the gates.  We also focused a lot making the sure that the vocals are as catchy as possible and paid attention to having interesting patterns that get stuck in your head.”

It seems we have a lot to look forward to with this album. The title even has a significant meaning behind it. “Phantom Anthem is a song or a sound that creates deep roots in the heart of a person, resonating through every bone in that person’s body and naturally giving he or she purpose and value. It’s often something silent—a quiet song that isn’t noticed and is often overlooked. Phantom Anthem is a nod to the ordinary, everyday, average person. This shows that every person has a talent, gift, story inside of them that you may not always see right away. This is a passion deeply rooted that may often go unnoticed, but everyone has something that is unique to them. “

The album will release on October 6th this year, but for now you can check out their newest single “Invisible Enemy” below: