Someone Is Selling Personal Items From Chester Bennington’s Funeral Online

Personal items given out at Chester Bennington’s funeral have surfaced online, with bids reaching over fifty thousand dollars as of the last review. The items being sold are a wrist band, laminate, and the funeral program.

It’s unclear who the items belong to, or why they would do something so terrible, but the person selling them says that they hope they will “find a great home with someone that will understand the meaning of them”.

Musicians and fans alike are obviously outraged about these highly personal items turning up online. Five Finger Death Punch bassist Chris Kael responded by posting an image of the items with the caption “Un. Fucking. Believable.”.

The items do appear to be real, which makes it that much more disturbing that someone would actually sell items given to them at a funeral. For the record, there are two separate packages from, apparently, two different people on eBay.

Linkin Park vocalist Mike Shinoda has asked fans to stay away from gear that benefits “scumbag bootleggers & opportunists”.

The laminate that the seller claims was distributed at the funeral. 

The funeral program that the seller claims was distributed at the funeral.