Ded Vocalist Speaks Out About Mental Health: “I Struggle With It Myself. My Anxiety Is Crazy.”

Ded recently released their debut album “Misanthrope”, which I recommend checking out if you haven’t already. They are currently one of the fastest rising rock bands and they have a really good modern rock sound coupled with many elements that we love about the past. They have recently been on the road with Korn and Stone Sour on “The Serenity of Suffering Tour”.

Vocalist Joe Cotela spoke to AXS about the band’s new album and was also asked about the tragedy of Linkin Park vocalist Chester Bennington. He opened up about his own personal struggles with mental health and had some productive things to say.

“It was really heavy. It feels so surreal. He’s from Arizona. That’s where we’re from and a lot of people knew him from early bands. My cousin went to high school with him, so it was a very close thing. Being in such an enormous band, he was so influential. The lyrics in a lot of those songs were huge for us growing up. It’s really sad, and the mental health issue going on–I struggle with it myself. My anxiety is crazy. I have days where I am completely in the gutter for no reason sometimes. It’s just in your make-up. But there are a lot of things you can do with your diet, and going to therapy. I feel like everybody should go to therapy when you hit a certain age or a certain moment in time. Therapy is huge. Stay in the moment. Be cognizant. Don’t let your mind run away from you and control you. Be in charge of your brain, cause it will get the best of you if you don’t control it and you don’t stay on top of it. It’s something I’m learning about with myself the last couple of years. Seeing some of the things Chester was talking about in his interviews were things that were really close to me. We’ve all had those dark moments, so it’s really about staying on top of your mental health. And we don’t look at it that way. You break your hand you go to the hospital, you fix it. If your mind’s broken why don’t you fix that? How important is your brain? It’s very close to me and something that has affected my family through suicide and things like that, so I take it very seriously.”

Speaking on the success of Ded’s debut album:

“I think the album debuted at #2 on the rock charts behind In This Moment. It’s been crazy, just the reaction. It’s so fulfilling knowing we made music we wanted to make for ourselves as a band that we wanted to hear. It shows you that there is kind of a collective consciousness of people that if it resonates with one of you, it’s going to resonate with another person. To have this just take off the way it has and to have everyone just responding to the honesty and the fun involved in the music, it’s just great. We’re not freaking out or anything, we’re just enjoying it. We have our eye on the prize, and it’s all about working and growing, and doing this thing.”