STRAY FROM THE PATH Beef With Infowars And Thousands Of Trolls Over Anti “Alt-Right” Song

Stray From The Path have released the first single from their upcoming album “Only Death Is Real” and it is causing the internet to melt down. The song, a diss track against the “alt-right”, (a group defined as “a loose group of people with far-right ideologies who reject mainstream conservatism”) has caused the band’s music video to be specifically targeted by members of the “alt-right” movement or whatever opposing group they identify as.

“Goodnight Alt-Right” opens with the line “you just got knocked the fuck out”, something that is apparently alluding to alt-right figure Richard Spencer getting punched in the face during a rally back in January.

The song, as with pretty much every song Stray From The Path have ever written, is undeniably controversial. Their music has always somewhat drawn the ire of conservative metal fans, but this track has gone viral among those within the “alt-right” movement and many who don’t appear to be fans of heavy music at all.

Earlier tonight, Paul Watson, the editor at large of Infowars, (which features its bombastic founder Alex Jones) tweeted that “SJWs made a metal song” and added, “RIP your thumbs down” seemingly foreshadowing an imminent surge in “dislikes” on the band’s music video.

The “dislikes” on the video currently sit at nearly 7,000 while the “likes” are currently at 1,600. It appears that a majority of the comments came within the last hour and continue to flood in from those opposed to the band’s message.

One user criticized the band for the depiction of violence against the “alt-right” movement in their music video: “Remember guys it’s totally cool to break into people’s apartments beat them to a pulp a torture them if their political views differ from yours. The only thing worse than the message of this song is the music.”

Kim Kelly, metal-editor at Noisey, had this to say about the response to the band’s new track:

For their part, Stray From The Path say they saw it coming and won’t be backing down from their position. It will be interesting to see where this thing goes between both sides. Their new album “Only Death Is Real” is due out on September 8th via Sumerian Records.