SMASH MOUTH Vocalist Says He Doesn’t Like YouTuber Jon Sudano’s Videos

YouTuber Jon Sudano burst onto the scene with his hilarious mash-ups that included Smash Mouth’s ‘All Star’. The videos feature Sudano unenthusiastically singing the song’s super upbeat lyrics. For months, we have all wondered whether Smash Mouth actually supported Sudano, who racked up millions of views with his ‘All Star’ videos.

Well, now we finally have our answer. In an in-depth interview with Stereogum, Steve Harwell totally let us all down with his take on Sudano’s awesome videos. Harwell is no fan of Sudano, who has probably done more for Smash Mouth’s career than they have in the last ten years.

Asked by Stereogum “how sick are you of “All Star” and all the memes? Do you get tired of it”, Harwell’s response was quite interesting:

“You know, I try not to pay attention to social media very much. I try not to personally read and look at all that shit. But I think it’s cool that “All Star” has made such a resurgence — we do have a team of people that are working that stuff regularly, helping work our social media. And all of us are personally involved in the things we tweet out and post. But in terms of all the memes and blogs, I don’t look at that stuff much.”

When asked if there was one that he particularly disliked: “You know, that big guy, I can’t remember his name. [Jon Sudano] I don’t like his.”

For a man who got mad at his own audience and literally threw bread at them, I take Harwell’s comments with a grain of salt. Jon Sudano’s videos are hilarious, and are actually pretty clever.

It seems like Harwell just takes himself too seriously. Sudano’s videos have overshadowed Smash Mouth’s current career ten-fold, despite the band’s mega-success in previous years. Dude has tens of millions of views. Sorry Steve, the internet has spoken!