GUNS N’ ROSES And N.W.A Were Supposed To Tour Together

Last year in an interview with Rolling Stone, members of N.W.A talked about meeting Guns N’ Roses back in the ’90s. Both groups were fans of each other, and MC Ren claiming the track “Appetite for Destruction” off their second album was inspired by Guns N’ Roses album by the same name.

MC Ren said: “We hung out with them one time. hey had a show at the Forum in Inglewood, and we went to hang out with them before and after the show. We had heard that Axl was an N.W.A fan.” DJ Yella added: “I remember having a headache for three days, that music was so loud.”

MC Ren then went on to describe how Axl Rose demonstrated his rapping abilities. “I remember talking to Axl backstage in the dressing room and he started rapping. I can’t remember how it went, but he busted a rhyme,” he claims.

DJ Yella added: “We were supposed to do a couple of shows with them, but our manager got too greedy. They wanted to give us $25,000 for 10 minutes, but our management wanted $50,000 so it didn’t work. We might have ended up doing a whole bunch of shows with them.”

Guns N’ Roses and N.W.A are some of my personal favorite artists, and to hear that they almost did shows together, but the plans ended up falling through is so disappointing to hear.