ASKING ALEXANDRIA Making Major Announcement This Week. Did Danny Share A New Song?

Asking Alexandria members are raving about an announcement happening later this week. The announcement will take place on Friday at noon eastern standard time. Of course, much like with any “teaser” shared online, there is little to go on.

The post has the caption “This Family is Forever” which could mean a number of things. Sure, I’ll go down the rabbit hole. This could be anything from a tour announcement to a new song, to a new album, to even a farewell announcement. Sometimes talking about “forever” could be a sign of things coming to an end. Don’t kill the messenger, geez.

One could make any number of assumptions though. My guess is that we’ll be getting new music from the band or at least a lead-in to a new song to be released on June 1st. You might remember the band had previously teased that date a couple of months ago.

You can also take into account the fact that Ben Bruce has previously gone on record and said that the band had a new album written. Take that for what it’s worth.

Plus, way back in January, Danny Worsnop shared what definitely sounds like a clip from a new Asking Alexandria song on his Instagram. He even literally captioned it with “Asking Alexandria”, for what it’s worth.

For now, we’ll all be waiting until Asking Alexandria says whatever the hell it is they’ve got to say this Friday at Noon. (Est)