BLACK VEIL BRIDES Plan To Release New Album In September

Rock band BLACK VEIL BRIDES recently announced that their fifth album is complete and is looking at a September release. This will be the follow-up to their self-titled release which was released back in 2014. The album will be produced by John Feldmann who produced the band’s last album.

In an interview Front Row Live during “Strange 80s” benefit show, guitarist Jake Pitts revealed some details about how the recording process went:

“We’re pretty used to being in the studio. [Fellow at the Fonda Theater guitarist] Jinxx [a.k.a. Jeremy Miles Ferguson] and I have our own studio. That’s what we live for. If we’re not touring, we’re always in the studio. We’d done a record with John Feldmann previously, so this time, going in with him, we have a relationship with him, we know how everything works. It was really, really painless and we just gelled really well together and made the album.”

When asked about how they challenged themselves with this release Jake stated: “For me, I think it’s just, as far as songwriting, trying to outdo ourselves and not putting out the exact same thing. So many bands just play the same kind of riffs and breakdowns and everything, and everything sounds the same, so it’s just trying to create something that sounds different, even from what we’ve done, but still not get too far off track and make fans be, like, ‘What the hell are you doing?’ and ‘I don’t like this anymore.’ But try to get a bigger fanbase but make everybody happy at the same time. So we try to mix it up with heavy stuff, the ballads, the radio rock kind of stuff, and just kind of give the albums a little bit of everything for somebody.”

Jinxx continued: “And I feel like we’ve matured a lot as writers as well as a band, and we just went back and sought out our influences growing up — our favorite bands growing up, our favorite albums. And that’s what we did. And me and him [Jake] sat down and we just wrote riffs based on that. Basically, what we enjoyed, what influenced us growing up, what made us wanna pick up a guitar and play, and that’s what we put into this album. And we’re super stoked to share that with the world.”

BLACK VEIL BRIDES released a single entitled “The Outsider” for the album that you can check out below: