AMERICAN SIN Guitarist And THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA Tour Manager’s Feud Spills Online

American Sin [Sumerian Records] guitarist Samuel Morelock is none-too-pleased with The Devil Wears Prada tour manager Ben Wilcox, who he says threatened to beat him “to a pulp” after Morelock’s bandmates were caught in an off-limits area inside of a venue. It all happened at a recent show where American Sin was playing on tour in support of All That Remains.

The Devil Wears Prada jumped on the tour package for a few dates and joined American Sin and ATR.

After hearing about a “haunted pool” somewhere in the venue, where bands who played the venue had frequently signed, a couple members of American Sin removed a wood panel (that they say was frequently used by other bands and easily replaced — similar to a secret passageway) to gain entry to the pool area. It was while members of the band were checking out the pool, that they were confronted by venue security.

At some point, Morelock (who handles much of the band’s business affairs) was summoned to meet with venue staff about some of his bandmates accessing the pool area. He was in another area of the venue when all of this went down. It was at this point that he says he came into contact with The Devil Wears Prada’s tour manager Ben Wilcox.

“This fine gentleman, who was belligerently drunk, thought it was appropriate to repeatedly tell me to “sit down and shut the fuck up” when all I asked was for him to speak to me respectfully when handling a situation. He then proceeded to threaten me saying he was going to “beat me to a pulp,” and followed me out into the venue parking lot screaming in my face trying to provoke me to fight him, calling me a “bitch boy” and countless other condescending/inhumane words.” Morelock said.

He continued: “I legitimately walked outside the gates of the venue and he relentlessly proceeded. Not one time did I retaliate with similar vulgar language, threats, or insults.”

The American Sin guitarist says he tweeted the band about the incident, though he later deleted them. As a result of the incident, American Sin says they did not perform at the show the next night because they wanted to avoid further conflict.

The Devil Wears Prada tour manager Ben Wilcox had a response of his own to the incident. He tweeted “maybe if you learned when to sit down and shut the fuck up you would be playing a show today bitch boy”. He also shared a photo of himself wearing American Sin merch while holding both of his middle fingers up.

You can read Morelock’s full post about the dispute below: