Corey Taylor Criticizes Linkin Park Vocalist Chester Bennington Over Recent Comments

Slipknot / Stone Sour vocalist Corey Taylor responded to recent comments made by Linkin Park vocalist Chester Bennington, in which the “Crawling” singer told his fans to “move the fuck on” from their “Hybrid Theory” era.

Bennington was widely criticized by longtime fans of Linkin Park for his comments and now it is apparent that’s some of his peers in the industry also feel the same way.

In a new radio interview, Corey Taylor responded to Chester’s comments and told him to be thankful for what he has:

“For what it’s worth, [‘Hybrid Theory’] is a great fusion rock album. It’s got pop elements to it, the songs are great. So if you’re gonna have a good problem, that’s a good problem to have. So I understand his frustration, but at the same time, it’s, like, why would you get mad at your left foot because your right foot is doing pretty good? It’s weird. Be fortunate for what you have, be fortunate for that fact that people are still coming to see you to hear the music. Give it a little time — you have to give it a little time. ‘Cause in retrospect, maybe two or three years from now you put out an album and it makes them appreciate this one more. You have to pick your spots, dude, and this is coming from the guy who’s notorious for running his mouth.”

Corey is spot on here. It’s apparent that the criticism from Linkin Park fans has gotten under Bennington’s skin and he would benefit from “picking his spots” as Corey pointed out.