METALLICA Is Performing Live In Baltimore Raven’s Stadium, Watch The Pro-Shot Stream

Metallica is gearing up for the US leg of the WorldWired tour, set to kick off this Wednesday in Baltimore Maryland. The band is currently performing in the Raven’s stadium to get ready for their show tomorrow. You can watch the band’s behind the scene performance below.

Speaking of the band’s first major US tour since 2010, Lars Ulrich told ABC2 News that the show would have a ton of moving parts and explosions.

“The old fans and the new fans have embraced this record — like I said before — to a level that nobody expected, and for the first time in our career, people are really being adamant: ‘You’ve gotta play new songs. You’ve gotta play more new songs. Why are you only playing four new songs?'” he said. “So we actually have a pretty good degree of the new songs that are being aired for the first time in the States. And then, since it’s a stadium, it’s big, and when you’re in a stadium, you’ve gotta kind of have the size, even though the goal is always to create a level of intimacy. But still, with fifty thousand people, it’s gotta be big and it’s gotta hit people and it’s gotta be loud. So we’ve got all those things that we bring along to maximize the enjoyment for the fans and for ourselves. There’s lots of stuff that blows up and things that move around. Leaving all the sexual innuendos aside, size does matter, at least in the stadium thing.” Ulrich said of the tour.