No New TOOL Album In 2017, Says A PERFECT CIRCLE

Fans who have been waiting more than ten years for a new Tool album will be profoundly disappointed by an announcement made online. Tool has been teasing their new album for years, with anticipation for the album reaching a peak last year.

A fan online contacted the A Perfect Circle Twitter account to ask whether the band would be releasing a new album. The official Twitter account said that the band would not be releasing a new album this year.

Surprisingly enough, the account also responded to questions about whether or not a new Tool album would be released in 2017.

At this point, Tool is doing more harm than good in my opinion. Fans have almost given up hope that the band will ever release new music. On the other hand, it’s respectable that Tool is only willing to release new music on their own terms.

To make matters worse, the band offers no hope for next year either.