IVAN MOODY Reunites With FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH For First Time In Five Months

It has been a difficult year for Five Finger Death Punch. The band is in the midst of a nasty lawsuit with their longtime label “Prospect Park”. On top of that, their frontman Ivan Moody has been dealing with issues of his own.

He described a troubling on stage incident late last year as a “mental moment”. He left the arena tour only a few days later to deal with an undisclosed illness. All That Remains vocalist Phil Labonte filled in for the band for the rest of the tour.

Only a couple of weeks ago, Ivan Moody did a radio interview in Colorado (that was pulled from the station’s official website hours later with no explanation) in which he made comments that were interpreted that he would be leaving Five Finger Death Punch at the end of the year. Hours later, the band slammed the media and Ivan denied he¬†would be leaving the band.

Despite their tumultuous recent history, Five Finger Death Punch was back in full force last night at the Maximus Music Festival in Argentina.

Moody withheld comment on his absense from the band, only to say that it was the band’s first show in over five months.

For what it’s worth, their set sounded great and Ivan looked like he was in a good place. It’s nice to see him back up on the stage.