Ex OF MICE & MEN Singer Austin Carlile Is Now A Baseball Coach

Austin Carlile has found a special way to spend his time while recovering from his Marfan syndrome related procedures. The former Of Mice & Men singer has taken up coaching young children on the Baseball field.

The young children are mostly “tee ball” age, though Carlile says they have moved up to live pitching. He is coaching in Costa Rica, where he currently resides.

The children even received shoes that were donated by Austin’s cousins, ensuring that the kids had everything they needed to succeed at their athletic ambitions. Many of the children had never even worn cleats before, Austin said.

“All the equipment we use is donated by various people and we are so grateful! We even moved from using a tee to live pitching (after NAILING one young batter it also forced me to become a better pitcher immediately haha!)” Carlile said in a message posted on his official Instagram account.

Austin says the time spent with the kids during Baseball practice helps him heal from his difficult treatment sessions a procedures:

“Even during all my procedures and treatments I look forward to teaching local baseball each week here because it helps heal the pain & nausea for those few hours we get to spend together, and because I see a little bit of myself in every young person there.”