WHILE SHE SLEEPS: The Monstrous Metalcore Band That Has The Full Backing Of Oli Sykes

While She Sleeps went from a band to watch to a band you had to choose to ignore. Their music is explosive, melodic, and refreshing.

They were in my peripheral vision for a while, but when they dropped their monstrous single “Hurricane” several months ago, I was hooked.

I was also drawn to the fact that the band is independent and released their new album “You Are We” without a record label. Their videos are pulling in millions of views and I’m sure it is selling well too. I’m a big advocate for artists who challenge the music distribution model that has been left in the dust by technological changes.

While She Sleeps, having been friends with Bring Me The Horizon vocalist Oli Sykes for some time, has his full backing. He even appeared on their brand new album “You Are We”, bringing back his signature screams on “Silence Speaks”.

Getting a co-sign from Oli Sykes, arguably the biggest frontman in the alternative scene today is an explosive shift of momentum for any artist. This band didn’t need his endorsement, but I’m glad they got it. This band is writing music with an authenticity that is rare in the modern climate.

Something special is happening in Europe right now. Bring Me The Horizon, Architects, and While She Sleeps are turning the market upside down with their monstrous music. It’s truly special to see something so special happening for a group of friends from the same area.

Check out new music from While She Sleeps and give their new album “You Are We” a listen. It’s out now! You won’t be disappointed.