RONNIE RADKE Calls Ex MOTIONLESS IN WHITE Touring Keyboardist A “Gold Digging Fake A– B—h”

Ronnie Radke is no stranger to controversy. The Falling In Reverse frontman is one of the most controversial figures in the alternative scene. Sometimes that wears well on him, other times, (particularly in this case) he comes off looking like a bully.

Falling In Reverse just released their latest album, Coming Home, to a mostly positive reception. The band put up big numbers too, with roughly 18,000 units sold first week. So why is Ronnie spending his time attacking women on Twitter?

The “Coming Home” singer sent the following unsavory tweet to Marie-Christine, who recently toured with Radke back in January as the keyboardist performing with Motionless In White.

Less than ten minutes later, Marie-Christine sent out a tweet referring to “abusive people”. It’s unclear if she was referring to Radke directly but the timing is certainly curious.

I can appreciate Radke’s eccentric nature, and I respect his ability to entertain the masses. He loses me when he goes online and starts calling a woman a bitch, which on it’s face is bad enough, but he does so in front of his 500k+ Twitter followers. (Most of whom are teenage females) I’m sure he probably violated Twitter’s terms of service as well in doing so.

I hope Ronnie continues to focus on the maturity and growth we have seen from Falling In Reverse instead of these sort of exchanges. The new album is good and is a step in the right direction for the band.