SLIPKNOT’s Corey Taylor Shares Heartwarming Story About Falling In Love With His Wife

In the world of heavy metal, there’s a prevailing false assumption that you can’t express feelings of love or even kindness. Obviously, most of us know that is false and it’s nice to artists at the forefront of metal being willing to share such deeply personal stories about their own personal lives.

Slipknot / Stone Sour (and all around heavy metal legend) Corey Taylor was willing to share his own story about meeting his wife Stephanie Luby. Corey says his future wife initially didn’t know he was flirting with her and he had to tell her outright that he had feeling’s for her.

Here’s Corey telling the story of meeting his wife to Killpop:

“I knew that there was something… I knew that she… It wasn’t ’till we really started talking… Okay, let’s put it this way: When I saw her, I was knocked out, and I knew that I wanted to pursue her, and it took a little time. I had to gently tell her that I was flirting with her, ’cause she just wasn’t getting it. I was, like, ‘You realize I’m flirting with you like crazy?’ And she was, like, ‘Ahhhh…’ [But] I knew. Absolutely. And the more we talked, the more we really connected. And then it was… I found that I had about four days before the beginning of a tour — this was in 2008 — so I flew out to L.A. just to see her, and by the time I landed, we both had actually said ‘I love you’ to each other. And it was on. And we’ve been together ever since.” (As transcribed by Blabbermouth)

The Slipknot frontman got married back in 2009 in a relatively large Las Vegas ceremony filled with family and friends. Taylor was previously married and told Revolver the reason his previous relationship ended during a 2008 issue.

“After I got sober, I realized my relationship wasn’t right for me. My wife and I had damaged each other too much.”