ASKING ALEXANDRIA Fan Says Meeting Danny Worsnop Left Her “Disgusted”, Ben Bruce Apologized

A longtime fan of Asking Alexandria has detailed her interaction with vocalist Danny Worsnop, claiming the singer told her he “had no time for such shit” when she asked him for a hug. The female fan says she has supported the band for more than seven years.

For his part, Worsnop chalked the ordeal up to a misunderstanding and acknowledged he did turn down the hug request, but says he never told the fan he didn’t “have time for such shit”.

Here is the fan’s account of her meeting with Danny Worsnop:

Seemingly agitated, AA frontman Danny Worsnop said he had a “solution” to the problem. Moving forward, he will now only be using social media for “career only” posts. Here’s what he had to say in response to the fan’s account of their meet and greet.

In response to Worsnop’s denial, the fan claimed they were positive that he said he didn’t “have time for such shit”.

It’s interesting that the fan says Ben Bruce apologized for Worsnop’s behavior. Danny doesn’t address that here but it seems there could be some more tension brewing within the band. In recent weeks, Worsnop has said that he holds his country music career higher than Asking Alexandria and has booked a touring schedule for the rest of the year that leaves little time to work on any new music with his bandmates.