METALLICA Bassist Rob Trujillo’s 12 Year Old Son To Tour As KORN’s Bassist

Korn has revealed that “unforeseen circumstances” have left their bassist Reginald “Fieldy” Arvizu on the sidelines for the band’s upcoming tour of South America. Have no fear, because Korn is letting Metallica bassist Rob Trujillo’s son fill his spot while he’s absent.

Tye is an accomplished musician in his own right. He performs in his band “The Helmets” and they have already had some serious gigs. I’m sure it doesn’t hurt when your dad is in one of the biggest bands of all time! Regardless, this little dude has worked at his craft and will actually do a good job during the band’s upcoming shows.

Over the years, Korn has evolved from a hard partying band to one that’s very family friendly. Everyone in the band has moved on from their hard charging days and mellowed out. This makes the touring environment for a 12 year old much more suitable.

Korn released a statement confirming the whole thing:

“On April 17 Korn is heading down to South America for a run of dates in Columbia, Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Peru. Due to unforeseen circumstances, Fieldy is unable to make the shows so the band will be joined by a special guest. Filling in for bass duties will be Tye Trujillo, the 12-year old son of Metallica’s Robert Trujillo and member of NorCal group The Helmets. Says the band, “We are bummed Fieldy can’t join us on this run but excited to do a few gigs with a young player like Tye. We look forward to welcoming our brother Fieldy back when we return to the States in May.”

“Fieldy will resume Korn’s 2017 tour at Carolina Rebellion on May 6.”

Surely there will be some haters out there, claiming Tye only got the gig because of who his dad is. Of course that is the case, but in life, it’s all about who you know.

Here he is performing with his dad last year with his band The Helmets.

[Via MetalSucks]