FALLING IN REVERSE Frontman Ronnie Radke Calls Bandmate Ryan Seaman A “F–king Coward”

Earlier today I wrote about rumors buzzing online about Ryan Seaman, the longtime drummer of Falling In Reverse. During the band’s recent tour with Pierce The Veil, FIR abruptly ditched the last few dates of the tour without offering any specific reason for the cancellation.

Since the band dropped off the tour, rumors began to swirl about a falling out between frontman Ronnie Radke and drummer Ryan Seaman. That speculation was magnified by the fact that Seaman hasn’t done anything to promote the band’s new album since it came out. He also never shared the band’s new music video for “Coming Home” which came out a few days ago.

This is the part where I feel really dumb. Somehow I missed a tweet (everyone else did too) sent out by Ronnie Radke back on March 29th. A source close to the band passed it on to me after they read the story. Radke sent the tweet at around 10:30 AM (???) and here’s what he had to say:


Yeah. There’s no way to look at that tweet and find some sort of humor in it. There is serious beef between these two and it’s all but obvious that it looks like the band is in the market for a new drummer.

Thus far, Seaman has yet to respond publicly to Radke’s comment, nor has he confirmed or denied the (pretty obvious) rumors that he is no longer in the band.