Jay Weinberg Didn’t Know He Was Trying Out For SLIPKNOT Until He Walked In The Room With Them

Slipknot drummer Jay Weinberg has quite the interesting story to tell about his tryout for Slipknot. Speaking about how his audition for the iconic metal band went down, Weinberg revealed that he actually had no clue who he was auditioning for when he flew to Los Angeles to participate in a tryout.

Speaking on the Best Friends with Sam Pura podcast, Weinberg opened up about how he learned he was trying out for Slipknot.

“I finished school. Shortly after that I got a call to come out and audition for something. I wasn’t told what it was gonna be, but just like… “can you please come out to LA and audition for this thing?” with no other information other than that and it was like “well, yeah why wouldn’t I go check that out”. Like, what’s the worst thing that could happen? I get a free flight to LA or something?” [As transcribed by Rock Feed]

Weinberg says he didn’t know who he was there to tryout for until the moment he walked into the room to get behind a drum kit.

“So I just kind of followed that and it was just like alright go in that room… there’s a drumset. You’re going to audition for Slipknot right now. And that was it.┬áLike half the band was there. We had become good friends over sixteen years. They watched me grow up as a person.”

Four members of Slipknot were on hand to judge his playing abilities. They were pleasantly surprised by his talents.

“It was me, Jim, Mick, Corey, and Clown. It was like, lets toss this kid into the ring and see whatever the fuck happens with this, you know, with no expectations of what would happen. Because they didn’t know that I knew the band’s songs. They knew I loved the band but they didn’t really know to what extent I had studied the music.”

Weinberg also revealed that he was the first and only person to try out for the band.

Speaking on Slipknot’s next album, Weinberg says the band already has some ideas put together for their next release.

“As we’ve had a little mini studio on the road, we’ve kind of documented some ideas so there are songs brewing that are really interesting, but yeah, I think we’ll just see once we get into a room together and just throw stuff at the wall.”