Danny Worsnop Shares Cryptic Message About ASKING ALEXANDRIA

Asking Alexandria apparently has plans set for June first, as vocalist Danny Worsnop has shared the date online with accompanying photos of his AA bandmates. Obviously, this sent fans into a frenzy as they are hoping they could be getting some new music from the band.

Guitarist Ben Bruce has stated that he has an entire album written that just needs Worsnop’s vocals added to it. On the other hand, Worsnop has said repeatedly that his primary focus is his country music career. He has planned to tour extensively in support of that project for the remainder of the year.

We have seen photos of Danny Worsnop and Ben Bruce in the studio last year, so it could be some sort of standalone single coming from the band. It would be a major shock if the band somehow had a full album recorded out of nowhere.

For now, I’ll entertain the mysterious Asking Alexandria message with a list of possibilities.

1. Asking Alexandria releases a standalone single: This is the most likely scenario in my view. We know Ben Bruce and Danny Worsnop were in the studio together last year, though we don’t know exactly what it is they were working on.

2. Asking Alexandria releases a surprise album: This is becoming increasingly popular as bands are relying less on the dying ‘first week sales’ metric. I can’t fathom how the band would have had the time to record a new album as they have been touring pretty extensively.

3. Asking Alexandria has a major tour announcement: Lets face it, when Asking Alexandria is with Danny Worsnop… they have the potential to be one of the biggest active rock bands on the planet. Maybe they booked a massive tour and this is the announcement?

Who the hell knows. One thing is for sure: Danny should drop the country act and focus on Asking Alexandria. Everyone is better for it.