BACKWORDZ: The Heavy Metal / Hip Hop Act That Is Changing How We Think About Record Deals

Eric July is as outspoken as he is stubborn. If you have seen him talk politics on national television, you would know that he has done his homework. He’s the type of guy who is constantly questioning “why are we doing it this way” instead of doing it the way it has always been done.

The former Fire From The Gods (Rise Records) frontman has made a name for himself in the political arena, landing interviews with major political figures on a regular basis. Most recently he interviewed Sheriff David Clarke, a rising star in conservative circles. July and Clarke don’t see eye to eye on most issues, (July is a libertarian) though they were able to have a substantive debate in an era where finger pointing and name calling is the norm.

After leaving Fire From The Gods, July founded BackWordz in 2015. Fire From The Gods carried on with a frontman that July has described as a “carbon copy” of himself.

When I first heard BackWordz’ single “Be Great”, it was in heavy rotation for days. I loved hearing a metal band incorporate hip hop in a way that didn’t come off as disingenuous. July spoke candidly about his departure from Fire From The Gods.

When BackWordz launched, July was determined to do things his own way instead of relying on traditional record deals where a band loses ownership over their music. He snagged one of the most influential publicists in the heavy music world, Amy Sciarretto. BackWordz also shares management with Killswitch Engage and CKY.

BackWordz’ debut album “Veracity” is one that has been years in the making. An eclectic mix of various genres are featured on the album with a steady stream of radio friendly choruses that will get stuck in your head almost instantly.

While we don’t have official sales figures yet, Veracity has remained at #4 on the iTunes metal album charts, only behind Body Count, Demon Hunter, and Mastadon. (All bands who released new albums today)

July and his bandmates are proving that you can have a successful, profitable album release with the right strategy in place. Their DIY mentality is one that other up and coming bands could model.

You can purchase “Veracity” on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play.