NORTHLANE Wrote A Tribute Song In Memory Of Late ARCHITECTS Guitarist Tom Searle

After Architects guitarist Tom Searle passed away following a courageous battle with cancer, Northlane lead guitarist Jon Deiley placed a call to his bandmate. He wanted to pay tribute to the beloved guitarist, who was one of the most influential modern metal musicians of the last twenty years.

When Northlane guitarist Josh Smith got the call, he was all in. The band began working on a song that would later become “Paragon” on the band’s new album Mesmer, which is out now. [Via UNFD]

Obviously, writing a song about anyone who has passed brings on an immense amount of pressure. With their song “Paragon”, which is featured on their new album “Mesmer”, Northlane did the late Architects guitarist justice with tact and elegance.

You can listen to Paragon below and read the full lyrics from the song. Lots of great Architects references in there.

Here are the lyrics:

The last of our martyrs seeks no adoration
From his castle in the air of eternal vibration
We won’t lose sight of the lasting words he wrote
We won’t lose sight of what matters most

A shining beacon of wisdom
Armed to the teeth
Fearless conviction
Now that he’s gone we’re going to miss him

Immortalised between the lines
Conceived by a human heart inside

He once said to us, my friend hope is a prison
But the hope his chords sung only spread love
In a hollow crowned kingdom

There are no fighters left here anymore
See you on the other side
Of that open door

We won’t lose sight
We won’t lose sight
Of the lasting words he wrote
We won’t lose sight of what matters most