WAGE WAR’s New Music Video “Stitch” Made Me Spill My Beer

My morning started out much like any other morning, with a beer and the Alan Jackson songs playing loudly. Here I am, in front of the computer listening to Chattahoochee when I learn that Wage War has released a new song.

I was a big fan of their debut album, Blueprints, so I had high expectations for their new music. It takes a lot to get me to turn Alan Jackson off, just to give you an idea of how much I like Wage War.

As I turned on the song, I hear a man whispering at me. Suddenly he shouts “pick it up”, and on instinct I picked up my beer with a poor grip and subsequently poured it all over myself. Thanks a lot, guys.

‘Stitch’ has a nice nu-metal aura to it. It’s heavy, it forces you to bang your head, and the visuals are great. Wage War is hitting on all cylinders right now, having just completed a highly successful tour with I Prevail.

I really loved this track and it will be on regular rotation. Though, I must admit I’m hoping we can hear a massive chorus on one of their songs in the future. Blueprints had great hooks scattered throughout it and I’m sure Wage War’s album, due later this year, [Fearless Records] will not disappoint.