SUICIDE SILENCE Destroys All Of Their Instruments On Stage, Because At This Point Why Not?

When you’ve had your lowest album sales debut, an extraordinary backlash from your fans, and you refuse to back down from any logical claims that the album was not their best work… destroying all of your instruments during a tour in Russia seems like the next logical step.

Suicide Silence did exactly that. The band played baseball with their bass drum, using a guitar as a baseball bat on stage after their show in Moscow last night. (March 15th)

It’s not uncommon for a band like Suicide Silence to get instruments for free, so lets not make this out to be more reckless than it should be. Then again, their endorsement providers probably won’t appreciate this.

If the band is paying for this gear out of pocket, they might want to conserve their funds a little better, seeing how they just had their lowest sales debut in the band’s tenured history. On the other hand, it looks like they had a good turnout accross the pond. Interestingly enough, the band toured Europe late last year too. Maybe they’re banking their future on the extremely loyal European metal scene since their US fans are currently being anything but. (For reasons that are completely understandable)