SUICIDE SILENCE Fired Previous Management, Booking Agent During The Recording Of Their New Album

Editor’s Note: This story is in reference to the band’s former management who worked with them on previous releases. The band hired new management to work with them on this new release.

Suicide Silence has been at the center of a whirlwind of criticism following the release of their disastrous self titled album, which featured their lead single ‘Doris’. From a public standpoint, it’s apparent that the band has strained their relationship with many of their fans. They have responded with haste to anyone who dares to criticize their new direction.

Over time, the implications will be made clear. Is this the end of the road for a band that just sold 4,650 albums in their first week, a mind numbing 69% drop from their previous album and their lowest of all time? Still, the band has a strong showing at live shows, at least for now, and there is no evidence that fans are losing interest in seeing them perform live. We will have to see how that plays out.

Vocalist Eddie Hermida has been a fixture in the metal media since the release of the album, giving numerous controversial interviews in which he called Thy Art Is Murder vocalist CJ McMahon a sellout, among other things.

For the first time since the band has been embroiled in controversy, we are learning behind the scenes details about tensions between Suicide Silence and their manager and booking agent.

Apparently, both the band’s manager and their booking agent shared the view of many of their fans that this was a bad decision. For the first time, vocalist Eddie Hermida is revealing that the band actually fired their manager and their agent for not supporting their new direction.

Speaking to Live Metal: “The biggest thing we’ve done was right before we started writing this record, our agent stopped wanting to work with us and we had to get a new agent. We got rid of our manager, and we got new management.

“We pretty much started weeding the people out who were not with this music – the people that believed we needed to stick to a certain criteria as musicians, people who were stuck worrying about money and not worried about anything else. That’s the shit that steered us away from them.”

Suicide Silence doesn’t seem to care much about the money, and for a band that relies on ticket sales and the commercial consumption of music, it’s a bizarre stance to take. Regardless of what Eddie says, Suicide Silence is a business. They need to earn an income to perform at the level they are now.