LINKIN PARK’s Chester Bennington Mocks Fans Asking Him To Return To His Nu-Metal Roots

If there’s one thing that annoys me more than almost anything else, it’s a musician who rolls their eyes at fans (especially long-time fans) who offer input on their band’s music. These are the people largely responsible for your success through their support, and to treat them like some sort of inside joke among friends is extremely disrespectful.

Musicians like to act as if it is a cardinal sin for their fans to provide input on the type of music they want to hear. As if they’re victimized and robbed of their ability to be creative in any way by the mere mention of some of the favorite things that brought many of your fans there in the first place.

Of course, the music industry is seemingly the only industry in the world that can design a product and scold you for offering any input on it whatsoever. Can you imagine complimenting a chef on his pasta and asking him to make it that way every time, but he throws his hands in the air and tells you not to tell him how to make his art?

This whole “don’t question the artist” has gone too far when you’re making overly synthesized pop songs with poor vocal phrasing and you’re openly mocking fans who were moved by your classic sound. You’re not doing anything new musically, nor are you forging any new paths for future musicians. So that’s why it’s baffling to me that you would make the whole “I wanna blow my brains out” emoji sequence just because a long time fan wants you to make music that isn’t shit again.

Bennington has clearly eliminated any chance that the band will go back to their roots. He seems to be comfortable within the safe confines of the adult contemporary market.

It’s not as if Linkin Park couldn’t easily excel at the nu-metal sound again. For some reason, they give the impression that they aren’t proud of their past. Shinoda (in an interview from 2015) actually characterized nu metal fans as “arrogant, misogynistic, and full of testosterone”. Surely that doesn’t apply to all people who enjoy heavy music.